Herbal medicine prescribed by a Medical Herbalist has an excellent safety record.

Throughout their training Medical Herbalists are made aware of which herbs must not be used in certain situations such as pregnancy or with certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Medical Herbalists have the expertise and experience in formulation of compound remedies and the experience to know how each herb in a bespoke remedy should perform.

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Herbal medicine is being somewhat industrialised these days and plant extracts modified to increase certain constituents. I disdain this practice and choose instead to use whole herb, unadulterated, unstandardised, traditional forms of herbal extracts.

Indemnity insurance is a prerequisite to membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).

NIMH also has a Code of Ethics, which if breached, will result in dismissal.

MNIMHs are required to demonstrate through CPD programmes that they work to maintain excellence in medical science skills.