What the professionals say about Jacqueline.

Karen Downie SSPM


Karen is a certified massage therapist with a post graduate training in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release from The Upledger Institute and has been working with both disciplines since qualifying in 1996.  She now works in Highland Perthshire and can be contacted on 01796 473744.
Link: www.hielanhands.co.uk

"I have been privileged to know and work with Jacqui for ten years.  That she is learned and qualified in her field, there is no doubt, but I think her true gift is in explaining how our  bodies function and how environment can affect that function, in a way that puts you at ease, empowers you and awakens a desire to take care of yourself.

As a body worker I appreciate calling on Jacqui when I feel a client needs more constitutional help or if I have reached a plateau with someone.  One of the joys of working with her is her innate intuition which smoothes the transition from one therapist to  another.

These qualities make for a person generous in imparting her knowledge in a way reminiscent of the passing down of traditions revered for their importance and their simplicity."

Keren Brynes-McLean MNIMH

Photo of Keren Byrnes McLean

Keren is a Consultant Medical Herbalist and Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She is the owner of Health Food and More in Kirkcaldy, a busy herbal medicine clinic and healthy living store. Keren has been in practice for more than fifteen years, working from various clinics in Edinburgh, Fife and Perthshire during her herbal medicine career.
Link: Health Food and More

I first met Jacqueline in November 1990, early on in our herbal medicine careers and we have stayed friends and colleagues ever since.  In those early days it was obvious to me that Jacqueline had the makings of an excellent practitioner, she “knew” her herbs so well and her grasp of the medical sciences was exemplary. Qualifying before me, Jacqueline acted as my mentor through my final year of study and into my first year of practice, this support was invaluable and helped give me the confidence to set up my own clinic.

Through the many years I have known Jacqueline I would say that she has been held with the highest regard from her professional peers and is looked upon as a skilled, experienced and caring practitioner as well as a good teacher to “younger” herbalists.  We see her as being very wise!

In Jacqueline you will find a practitioner of great personal integrity, which, with her years of experience, thorough clinical training and great intuitive insight blend with a gentle, open and learned manner.  She offers great skill, trust and reassurance to her varied client base and offers realistic expectations and outcomes to those who seek her help and guidance.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.