Self Well

Healthful Diet

My first and longest 'natural health' interest has been nutrition. Nutritional Medicine was a major part of my training and forms a key part of treatment plans in clinic.


Photo of yoga pose

Since 2004 I have followed an almost daily yoga practice, first with Hatha yoga but more recently with Kundalini yoga. My practice is developing to encompass an almost daily meditation element. I am grateful to both modalities for facilitating a 'tuning in' to my more intuitive side which complements my logical, science-based thought processes during consultation.

Talking Therapy

Since 2006 I have worked periodically on Self development with a Transpersonal Psychotherapist. This ongoing transformative work better informs personal Me, and facilitates 'deep listening' whilst working in clinic.

Work-Life Balance


I am hugely lucky in that I love my work.

At the beginning of my career, in my profession, success was measured by case load. I am now at the stage in both career and life where I know the wisdom of less is more. As my practice has developed in depth and quality I want to give the best of my experience and skill to each patient.

I now limit my patient numbers each week. This gives me the time I need to think deeply on behalf of each patient and time to refresh.


And yes, I take, as well as give, herbal medicine to maintain optimum health. I recently spent a year on working sabattical in Spain. It was the first time in 20 years I had been so far from my dispensary. I came to appreciate anew what a wonderful resource for whole health herbal medicine is.