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Since 1992, more than 4000 people have sought my help in achieving optimum health.

Herbalism is unique among alternative therapies in requiring an orthodox medical training on a par with that of General Practitioners in the NHS. This training makes us very safe practitioners and enables us to work with all degrees of ill health, from minor ailment to serious chronic illness. However, we are also exemplary holistic practitioners. We look at health in terms of whole body vitality, sound nutrition and physical and emotional well-being.

While my first perspective on a patient's condition is based on Western clinical medicine, I have studied diverse cultural medicine systems and draw on Chinese, Ayurvedic and European folk medicine traditions when considering the significance of symptoms and potential treatments. Through training, experience and aptitude, I know which herbal remedy to use when, and what to expect from it.

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I share my knowledge and experience with patients and aim to make each consultation an opportunity for learning more about aspects of themselves and their health and for gaining the motivation to be well.

It is important to me to provide a comfortable, relaxed, unhurried environment where patients can fully express their health concerns, in confidence, and know that they are respectfully and intelligently heard.


Training and Qualifications


I graduated as a Medical Herbalist in 1992 from the four year Diploma Course of The School of Phytotherapy in East Sussex.

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Early Career


After qualifying, I set up practice in my own clinic and herbal dispensary at Byres Road, in Glasgow. It was an immediate success and grew rapidly over the next five years.

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Heading North

The arrival of my second child signalled a strong “nature urge”. I wanted to nest and to grow things.

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Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development


Each year I design and follow a programme of professional development that will clearly and directly benefit my patients' increased potential for health and wellbeing.

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Self Well

Healthful Diet

My first and longest 'natural health' interest has been nutrition. Nutritional Medicine was a major part of my training and forms a key part of treatment plans in clinic.

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What the professionals say about Jacqueline.

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